Why Is It Important To Keep Teeth Whitening Trays Clean

Brits have a reputation for having yellowing teeth, possibly thanks to all the tea we love to drink. But that has changed over the last decade or so as teeth whitening treatments have become increasingly popular. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve that pearly smile is by getting a teeth whitening tray from your dentist, which contains special bleach that lightens your teeth without causing them harm. 

However, to ensure you keep your teeth in as good condition as possible when whitening them it is essential you clean the tray well. 

Teeth whitening trays work as the customised gum shield has reservoirs containing whitening gel that fit around each tooth. 

This is then fitted to the patient’s mouth, so the formula can work its magic over time without the gel coming off, and the bleach not having long enough to lighten the teeth. 

It is essential to clean the whitening trays after every use, as this removes any debris that might have been extracted from your teeth the last time you wore it. 

If you put it back on without clearing this away, you risk adding bacteria to your teeth, which could cause decay. 

You should also clean the tray thoroughly to remove any leftover gel, so it is fresh to use next time. 

The best way to keep it clean is by using an electric toothbrush and warm water. Don’t be tempted to use toothpaste to polish the tray, as this can be too abrasive. 

Instead, put a bit of non-perfumed soap in the container, cleaning both inside and outside. 

Once it is washed, wipe dry with a clean flannel, towel or tissue and put the trays back in their storage case to keep them protected.