Terms and Conditions

By accepting our service, you (the buyer) agree that:

Are of the age 18 or older.

If necessary you will check with your dentist before using the products.

If you experience any problems with our products please stop using and consult your dentist.

Will use our products for the sole purpose of what they are intended.

Will not use the product if you are pregnant or nursing.

Will take the impression yourself.

You will remove any dentures before impression taking.

Will not use if you have loose or decayed teeth.

Will not use if you have crowns, bridgework, fixed orthodontic treatment or other oral problems e.g. gum disease.

Understand that staff at Everythingteeth are not dentists.

Will not use if allergic to Vinylpolysiloxane (addition silicone) impression material.

Accept that if the impression of your teeth is not acceptable then extra impression putty will be purchased by yourself.

Will contact us prior to placing your order if you live outside of the United Kingdom.

You agree that all warranties and returns outside of our normal terms and conditions are the sole discretion of the company and that the total liability is limited to the amount paid for the service.

The seller and manufacturer of this product assume no responsibility for any usage of this product.

If you do not agree to or do not understand any of the above terms, you must not purchase this product.