Top Tips To Help You Remember To Wear Your Retainer

If you have had braces or dental work done in order to help straighten your teeth, you will know the frustration that comes with remembering to wear your teeth retainer.

These tricky tools are essential for keeping your pearly whites straight and to prevent them from falling back into their old, crooked habits however it can be difficult to remember to wear your retainer at the right times, especially if you are new to them.

Luckily there are several tips you can follow to make remembering that little bit easier and to keep your teeth, and your dentist, happy!

In the modern world, most people have access to smartphones. They can make life so much easier and they can also help you to remember to put your retainers on. One feature smartphones have are reminders.

These can be set for certain times of the day and will notify you of whatever you need. Many people use them for medications and other daily tasks, so you can easily set one to remind you to put your retainer in.

Another great way to remember to wear your retainer is to leave yourself visual reminders. Putting a note on the fridge, your bathroom mirror or on your bedroom door can be a great way to remind yourself of tasks you need to complete.

This will help you to remember to put your retainer in whenever you go to these places in your home and over time you will build a routine and may no longer need these little reminders anymore!

Another way to ensure you always have your retainer when necessary is to always keep a spare case in your bag or nearby. This can help you in situations when you have already left the house and forgot to wear them, as you will have them with you to put in as soon as you remember!