Self Impression Instructions (Printable) – Everythingteeth


  • Impression putty  
  • Impression trays – upper (no 3)  & lower (no 4)
  • Impression medical bag
  • Return address


  • Stopwatch  to time the stages it is essential to follow the times in all steps.
  • Mirror – to help take a good impression
  • Please read all the steps before you start.
  • Please remove any dentures before impression taking.


  • Do not use in hot conditions.
  • Please store your impression putty in the refrigerator before use, use straight from the refrigerator.
  • The impression putty is a commonly used high grade dental impression material. Material safety data information available on request.



Select upper tray. The upper tray is the full tray.

Practice putting the tray in your mouth before starting the process. If you find that the impression tray is too large or too small. Please contact us before using the impression putty and we can then send out replacement trays. Please contact us if you are unsure about the impression tray size.

Please wash your hands. Take 2 moulds of putty 1 x colour and 1 x white out of the tubs and place them in your hand.



Mix the putties together in your hand until they form a putty of one uniform colour.

Roll into a sausage and place into the impression tray.

Using your thumbs gently push the putty into the outer edge of the tray. You should not see the edge of the tray.


You have 1 minute for this step, please use the whole time given.



Looking in a mirror, open your mouth as wide as you can and using both hands inset the impression tray in your mouth.


Ensure teeth are aligned in the middle of the putty.

Step 3 and Step 4 to be completed within 25 seconds.

TIP – Ensure there is plenty of putty towards the front edges of the tray in order to capture both your teeth and gums – then bite as deep as you can.



Firmly pushing the tray upwards make sure you lift your top lip up and out of the way whilst pushing the tray straight up into your teeth. Do this until your teeth hit the bottom of the tray and hold in position with thumbs for 4 minutes, do not speak.



After 4 minutes, push your index fingers up into your cheeks until you feel the rim of the tray and GENTLY prize down until the tray comes free. Rinse with cold water and allow to dry naturally.

NB. Do not remove the putty from the impression tray.


You can see all of your teeth clearly in the impression tray.

You can see a deep outline of your gum above your teeth.


Teeth look stretched or distorted.

Bite is shallow.

No gumline is visible.



Please follow steps 1 – 5 again this time for your lower impression.

Place your completed impressions in the enclosed medical bag with completed order form and return. Enclosed is a self adhesive return address you can stick this to the original postal envelope covering your address over, thank you. We will manufacture and send out your custom fit appliance within 7 working days