Tips On How To Stop Your Child Grinding Their Teeth At Night

All parents have to worry about their children not brushing their teeth enough, but some also have to contend with their kids wearing them down by grinding them in their sleep. 

Plenty of adults have a condition called bruxism, which is when they grind their teeth in their sleep. However, some youngsters also have this problem. 

This could be because their teeth are not aligned properly yet, they are hyperactive or have cerebral palsy, they have an earache or are teething, or because they are stressed about something. 

Although lots of youngsters grow out of bruxism, it is a good idea to help resolve the issue, as it can lead to sensitive teeth, wearing down of the enamel, jaw pain and headaches.

The first thing to do if you think your child has bruxism is visit your dentist. They can give them a retainer for teeth grinding, which protects their teeth from rubbing against each other when they are asleep. 

This provides an extra layer between the top and bottom teeth, so the enamel does not get worn away. 

In addition to this, parents can help their kids by relieving some of their stress. For instance, they could run them a warm bath and get them to read a book or listen to music before bedtime. 
Family Doctor also recommends talking to the child about anything that is worrying them, limiting television and electronics before bed, or even booking to see a therapist.